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What is role of logistics in supply chain management?

October 05, 2020

What is role of logistics in supply chain management?

What is role of Logistics in Supply Chain Management? 

"Logistics in simple words-Logistics performs activities within the company or organization associated with Product Delivery. Logistics lead the movements and stores and delivers goods from starting production to final delivery, so as to meet consumer expectations. Logistics makes all procedures easier to make sure that end users can actually get the product they order.

What is Six sigma concept?

October 05, 2020

What is Six sigma concept?

What is Six sigma concept?

Six Sigma Concept converts your thought, plan, imagination, intention, concept into a goal in a simple way and helps in accomplishing it. Change from best to best customer satisfaction and business, and selling the best goods and services, and working becomes easy and profitable. 

Friends, I would like to tell you that our purpose is not to teach you like a classroom, nor to give any kind of degree, my aim is to give you such information related to business, which you can use.

I believe that you should focus on the concept of anything and you should not only read any topic but understand it, then let us know the useful concept of Six Sigma which you all should know.

If you want to achieve your goal with CONCEPT of six 6 SIGMA, then you can achieve it in two ways:

  • Identification of the problem
  • Solving the problem

Identification of the problem

How should the work you are doing be done? , How is it happening?, What is the benefit of that work and what is the loss? , Does this need improvement? Etc.

Solving the problem

Now that you know what the problem is, you should change your function soon in order to remove the problem occurring in your work and to achieve the goal.

(Five main principles of Six Sigma) 

1. You measure the source value of your work, and find out the problem in your work.   

How did six sigma find the problem occurring in your work area, where was the problem, or is it, for this, six sigma does a deta collection of the work area in which the problem is happening, and mix it with your process. Is for example:

Suppose you make samosa and make a data of its recipe and quantity, how many and what amount of materials are used in samosas. And you will have to maintain the data every time and you will continue until your things are perfect. 

It is very important to have data to identify or find six sigma or any other problem. To identify the problem, ask yourself the question and find the root cause. 

2. Focus on the Customer 

Friends, no business in the world can run without a customer, you know this too, so we need to pay as much attention to the business as well as the customer, as you give, or are about to give to your business. . Like you must have heard from people that "Customer is King or" Customer is the form of God "etc. 

"First of all your goal should be to bring maximum benefit to the customer. For this, you need to understand the needs of your customers. And you need to set your (Quality) standard of quality according to the customer or market demand. 

3. Remove the junk 

Once the problem is identified with your work, make changes in the process to remove the difference and remove the defects. In this process you remove activities that do not add value to the customer.
Team collaboration

4. Team

Involve all stakeholders or business partners while doing such activity. And adopt a structured process where your team too can contribute to the problem-solving of your business. 

If possible, create an organization for Six sigma processes in your company or business to ensure that all things are working well or not.

5. Ensure a flexible and responsive ecosystem

The essence of Six Sigma is change and change in business until a job is removed from the Free of Fault or Inefficient process, it will be possible when practicing a task repeatedly and recording data and changing the Employee perspective Be given. 

You have to create flexibility and accountability in these processes for quick turnaround. The people involved and all departments should be designed to adopt the processes.

Six Sigma brief information 

If I have to explain to you in brief, then I would say that the concept of Six Sigma repeats its work many times in practice, and deta record every time, and change the function each time, this activity continues till Keeps until some work is completely free of doshas, ​​or no product is perfect.

You can also do this, no matter where you are in the field, you can adopt the six sigma concept.

Friends six sigma uses a lot of method to solve the problem, such as: 5s, Damic etc. You can also read this link below. Thank You!

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What is asset Management?

October 04, 2020

 What is asset Management?

What is asset Management?

Asset Management is a process for the development, maintenance, and sale of Assets in a cost effective manner. The term is usually used in Finance, usually by someone doing this work or by a Firms (service provider company) who manages the assets of a company.

Every company should keep track of its assets. This will let all stakeholders know what assets are available. And how to get the best return from it or how to use it more. 

When it comes to Assets Management, there are two main things that individuals are interested in knowing. First, what is the role of asset management? In our business? And another is how a firm (service provider company) develops a good asset management plan.

Importance of asset management

There are many reasons to manage Assets in businesses. like:

  • Acquisition and use improvement:
  • Personal Assets management

Acquisition and use improvement:

By keeping an eye on a company's assets throughout its life cycle, an owner can acquire that asset through a firm, and use its Management Techniques to use it.

Personal Assets management

Asset management is broadly a synonym for wealth management for individuals. It refers to the management of an individual's investment or assets.

Asset management is a system that helps companies keep track of all their assets, such as vehicles, equipment and investments.

Monitoring assets helps in running well organized operations, especially during the time of sale or disposal of their Asset. This process also reduces the probability of missing the property, as all available Assets are accounted for. 

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What's a good business idea to start up in empty warehouses?

October 04, 2020

 What's a good business idea to start up in empty warehouses?

What's a good business idea to start up in empty warehouses?

Why Business in a warehouse, not rent?

In this Covid pandemic period time, there is a bad phase of all types of business except a few businesses. If you have built a warehouse for the purpose of rent, then you may have to stay a little time, and in such a situation your ROI return will be zero.

Therefore, I have some good business suggestions and ideas for you, using which (ROI) can increase the return of investment. Let's see:
Friends, I am talking about business, that is business, if you invest a little more, you will make money in an empty warehouse as well as you will also be called business owner or company owner. Friend, doing this business can be started very easy and simple and with low cost. We think this business is the best idea for your empty warehouse.

If your warehouse is in a good location such as: Commercial center, Industrial / Manufacturing center or close to the Harbor or Rail station, then you do not need to worry as you will continue to have opportunities at such a place.

But even if your warehouse is different from here, you do not have to worry. Only you have to invest a little money and time will be required.

Hotel, Dhaba or Restaurant bar Business

What's a good business idea to start up in empty warehouses?

First of all, see if your warehouse is small and within the city limits and is connected to a main road then you can convert it into (food cafe food cafe i.e. a good restaurant which has a different atmosphere.
Because your warehouse has good height, you can decorate the roof in different ways and you can make your roof creative. 

With the food restaurant you can make it more interesting and also have a live music and dance floor to attract people.

Poultry feed mill or farm

If your warehouse is a little away from the village and city, then you can do business of poultry feed mill or form.

One good thing about doing this business is that they can start easily and quickly, need more information about this business or if you are from Bihar and you want to do this business, you can email me. Or leave your contact number in the comment. We will try our best to help you.

Start a Gym

Health is money - Health is money and that is why so many people are taking their exercise routines really seriously. The warehouse is one of the places from which you can start a gym. So you should start soon with some basic tools.

Provide Parking Spots

If you live in a busy or crowded area and your warehouse is the same. In this case you can change your warehouse space and use the warehouse space for parking lot and you can collect the rent.

This type of business involves a little extra mess. This is especially beneficial if your warehouse is in a highly populated area such as a city or town.

event venue

The business of the event venue is growing very fast. In 2005, an event in the city in India was held at the event venue because there was not enough space in the city, and not many people were able to manage, so the event organizer He was given it and he managed it according to his own.

And as the times are changing today,
even in the place of people and people in the village, even if they want to have a small event tastefully in the event venue, even the birthday celebration.

The special thing is that you can do this business anywhere.
You just have to decorate it well. But this business is excellent. Just make you believe that we will be able to manage both the food and social distancing of the people.

Basketball or cricket net practice

If your warehouse is in the middle of the city, then you can make a lot of money from this business. I have seen in India in a city like Mumbai that people are making more money from this business than normal business.

Manufacturing unit

If you are planning to make a product with less investment then there are many products that you can make. like :

  • Sandals manufacturing
  • Candle Manufacturing
  • Soap manufacturing
  • Biscuit manufacturing
  • Chocolate manufacturing
  • Incense sticks manufacturing
Or you can make products according to your market and customer demand

To give on rental

If you do not want to invest or give time, then you should also give the warehouse to people who do small products like Automobile, Earth moving equipment, Engineering product, FMCG and Sports goods etc. on short rent, so that you can use your warehouse space better. You can do a bit of investing.

Suppose your warehouse's Hight is 25 fit, and its rent is 50000 and the business owner uses only 8 fit Hight, and the rest remains empty. In such a situation, you should divide the warehouse into 3 floors of 08 fit, and if you do a little rent work, you will be able to make better use of your warehouse.

If you have a large warehouse and have more free space then you can search for one customer and give it to more than one customer, or you can do more business, you can divide your warehouse with thin walls according to customers' requirement. Can give

The customer can hire you to do this work. like :

  • Lease it out to a MESME Manufacturing Company
  • Lease it out to a Rental Company
  • Use it as an Event Center,
  • Lease it out to a Logistics Company
  • Lease it out to a Distribution Company
  • Lease it Out as Storage Facility for Importers

If the customer does not use your warehouse for storage or above, you can also manage and operate a warehouse, instead of giving it to the customer, you manage the warehouse for your customer or do the work given above. Can generate more income by operating


The first thing is that if you have a warehouse and it is empty, is it known to the market? Second if your warehouse is empty, then you keep it clean, and don't think about your profit, if a customer comes to rent for you, take care of its purpose. And if possible, use this business idea. If you need my support with any of these businesses or you want give suggestion, you can email or comment. Thank you

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Warehouse Problem and solution

October 02, 2020

Warehouse Problem and solution 

Warehouse Problem and solution

Increasing Warehouse Productivity requires knowing the ''Pain Points or Problem'' within the 4 walls. If you Manage a Warehouse or Store, you will know that all the work areas of the Warehouse work like a chain, and all the workplaces does not work without each other, so everyone has to work together to create an efficient workplace.

But unfortunately there is a problem in some work place due to which the entire warehouse has to bear its pain.

Today we will talk about some of the major pain points in the warehouse and which almost every warehouse manager is facing as well as what you can do to fix or mitigate these problems.

We have also faced this problem. I believe that incremental changes over time can see good results, and you can gradually change your warehouse. 

Warehouse Problem and solution

1. Lack of inventory accuracy (Material not traceability)

Inventory loss means not getting material or goods in the warehouse. This is one of the heaviest problems of a warehouse and store. ,
Inventory loss whether it is in any way such as: material theft, material misalignment, material breakage, etc. can all damage your warehouse.

How does the inventory go bad:

  • There is no good check of quantity and quality upon arrival of materiel.
  • Don't put the right material in the right bin.
  • Not placing the material correctly.
  • Do not count on the day or weekly or monthly inventory.
  • Wrong material pick and pack, etc.


First of all, do not do much work manually in your warehouse or store, take the help of a software such as: WMS, ERP, MM, IM etc. According to your warehouse work efficiency, why doing manually is more wrong and also takes time , And much more, you can get through the software.

  • On maternal arrival one should check the quantity and quality thoroughly.
  • The correct material should be placed in the correct bin. Although WMS assigns each of your material to its location, the employees do not place it anywhere else, this is because they do not use the RFID and do not scan the bin So, we must use RFID when picking the material bin and
  • Train your employee to keep the material properly.
  • Doing a plan or weekly or monthly inventory is very important for a warehouse or store, so that you can equal the stock difference in time.
  • Use RFID Scanner while picking the material, this can help you in picking the wrong material.

Manually Entering Data

If you manage the warehouse manually then both your time and manpower will be wasting too much, it is a kind of waste.

You can reduce or eliminate this problem by providing digital technology.

Digital technology will not only reduce human error, but can also speed up your work, as you won't have to spend extra time writing things and recording it later.

In addition, there will be no delay between taking inventory and entering it into the system,
Manual material entry and creating documents or shipping labels and other documents can slow down your warehouse capacity, and also increase your costs.

2. Inefficient Picking (Speed of picking)

While carrying out orders, no one wants their workers to move around the warehouse. Meaning peaking work is the most important function of a warehouse, there is a lot of value of time, and here time can be lost a lot, here is a lot of time.

Such as: wrong layout or design of warehouse, manual preparation, lack of equipment, lack of proper planning, lack of experience etc.

If you do not plan ahead of time
, then peaking and efficiency will decrease. So let's know what can be done to increase its efficiency.


Picking strategies allow warehouses to better select products for the type and quantity of orders they process. Here are some examples of choosing a strategy:

  • Zone picking -Peaks are divided into zones wise in the warehouse, they are responsible for peaking the area in time.
If there are many items in a single order for several zones, then that order will go to different zones and peaking will be done by many pickers.

Zone picking
may require more points of contact for orders, but makes sense for a warehouse that is shipping multiple single unit orders.

  • Batch picking - Selects all orders for a batch at the same time. In this, the quantity of material of all the orders is picked together, and while packing it is distributed on the basis of customer, this is usually done when it is to be packed.
Batch picking reduces travel time within a warehouse, which is according to the supply chain.

3. Lack of Communication

Most management do not relay relevant information to their employees with each other.

Supervisors should take the lead on this as it is their job to ensure that operations are running smoothly or not, so every issue should be constantly sitting with staff and talking on problems, and helping to mitigate that.

The best way to know about this is to keep things positive all the time so that workers are more apt to get into management whenever something happens so that it can be fixed before something big happens.

4. (Disorganization) Process Standardization

Process standardization reduces the propensity for user errors in flows.To ensure that the employees are following the established procedure or not? 

Easy training, and management is very important for error correction. It also allows organizations to know how long it should take to complete certain tasks, and whether the warehouse is running at optimum efficiency.

Documentation of these standards is as important as having high turnover rates in your warehouses. Having the ability to train employees reduces the costs associated with hiring new people.

  • Improve labor productivity
  • Incentives
  • Sustainable improvement initiative
Increasing warehouse productivity requires knowing the pain points within 4 walls. A Labor Management System (LMS) is very important for you to track productivity at the employee level,
If you have a WMS or any other software,
you can either use KPI or find out how effective our warehouse SOP or manpower is for the warehouse.

The quality and availability of labor which is very important for a warehouse and its effect on our productivity.

If a warehouse has to continuously retain employees due to high turnover rates, they will have to spend more resources and money in training and are also likely to have higher error rates with new employees.

It may be worth it to motivate workers to live for an extended period so that this scenario can be avoided.

We would advise you to identify opportunities for improvement. Whether it is on the inbound side or the outbound side. We can suggest implementing better operational strategies through technology to create cost savings in the warehouse.

These enhancements combined with standardized processes can sort out the inefficiencies that are common in warehouses today.


If you try to make any kind of changes in your warehouse or store, then you will have trouble, such as: It may cost more, may take more manpower, may take some time,

But if you are changing with the plan, change for better results. You may see some problem right now, but it will get good results later.

Friends, these were some COMMEN problems of the warehouse, but if you are facing a problem whose solution you want, you can comment us or EMAIL. Thank you!

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    What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF

    September 28, 2020

    What is 5s?

    What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF

    "5s''. Method is the name of 5 method which is based on Japanese words and all start with the letter" s ".5s helps us keep a workplace clean, and systematic and increases work efficiency at the Workplace, rather than spreading waste. And provides a structure approach to continue the improvements made.

    5S is a strategy
    that helps to accomplish one basic objective: to show problems. It is very important to have a clean and organized warehouse. 5s encourages more efficient supply storage operations, excellent training and communication.

    The 5s method is of great help in quickly identifying problems in a warehouse and finding their root causes.

    5s Methodology

    5S describes how to identify the items used. The decision-making process is usually from a meeting about standardization, which creates an understanding, among employees, about how they should work. It is called "5s" based on five Japanese words starting with "5s", let's know the five "5s" involved in 5 steps.

    1. SORTING


    3. SHINE 


    5. SUSTAIN

     1. SORTING

    Sort out the unnecessary items and the required items separately and then discard the unnecessary items.

    How to do sorting?

    Look around you. Are there things we need or not? Places nearby, furniture, equipment, documents or any other items. Disassemble or discard items that are not required. Such as broken tools or broken and rusty tools, etc.
    Identify maintenance problems and work to address their causes. For example, find ways to remove dust and prevent or remove dirt.

    Advantages of sorting

    • Disturbances go away
    • Makes more room
    • Problems related to maintenance can be over.

    What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF


    Apply in sequence. Set a location for each item and keep each item in its regular place.

    How to Set in Order?

    • Make markings to identify the location and location of the item, such as by applying stickers or labels or by drawing lines.
    • Select the location of the item based on usage.
    • Manage appropriate storage according to the type of items (eg, you can use stand, rack, bins type of tray or tray for different items).
    • Decide to keep every item in the right quantity.
    • Always keep things back in their regular place.

    Benefits or advantages of Set in Order.

    • Disturbances will not come
    • Work efficiency will increase (such as finding items quickly)
    • Safety items will avoid falling or sliding.
    • You will avoid the hassle of finding things.

    3. SHINE 

    Beautiful Cleanliness Do a complete cleaning to create a clean place.

    How to do a beautiful cleaning?

    Clean everything thoroughly. For this, take the following steps.

    A. First step. Clean every AREA, machinery and furniture thoroughly.

    B. Second step. Clean the stated equipment and AREA as per your responsibility.

    C. step Three. Clean micro inside every small parts and tools and equipment

    Inspect everything during cleaning and know the reasons for cleaning related errors. Eliminate errors and problems and improve your workplace. This is called KAIZEN.

    Benefits of SHINE

    • Swatch Workplace is created.
    • Errors and Problem Expose occur
    • Erasing errors improves the workplace
    What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF


    Sanitation - Maintain high lining at all times.

    How to standardize?

    Set and maintain the 3 "S 'standard first (eg Criteria Program for SORTING, SHINE, STANDARDIZE arrangement).
    Do vision and color management so that inequalities can be seen properly such as Transparent cover, inspection window color code etc.

    Benefits of Standardize?

    • A good workplace will last forever.
    • Highlight inequalities quickly.
    • Workplace will remain pleasuring.

    5. SUSTAIN

    Also called SUSTAIN-Self-discipline. Follow the principles of good maintenance with continuous practice.

    Sustain - How to.

    • Provide clear communication and training to the layperson.
    • Include each one. Assume clear responsibilities to everyone.
    • Eliminate group actions (such as 5s contests, matches and tournaments etc.
    • Follow rules and sports activities (such as cleaning week, 5 minute cleaning, cleaning game till 6 o'clock, etc.
    • And maintain the management of 5s by the monitoring team.

    Sustain - Its Benefits.

    • The feeling of self-discipline for 5s.
    • Development of good habits.
    • Get the right results.


    What do you think about the 5S method, we do not know. But they definitely know that this method is very useful whether it is for warehouse or for any organization or work place or even for home or shop. If you always use this method, then your business or workplace waste will be reduced and profit will be profit. Actually this method is very good and we try to use it always.

    ’’5S’’ Checklist PDF - DOWNLOAD

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    Kaizen in Warehouse

    September 27, 2020

    Kaizen in Warehouse

    KAIZEN in warehouse

    What is Kaizen?

    Kaizen is a Japanese word consisting of two words. KAI + ZEN which means CHANGE + GOOD (Change for the Good) Any change that we can make to Improvement is called KAIZEN.

    In this, we keep making small Improvement changes, which increases the production Productivity and reduces the Waste Hue. 

    Every person at any Warehouse or any working place, whether it is a house-keeping cleaning man or a staff in the office, every person who is working, make small improvements every day or in the vicinity. It is called KAIZEN. 
    If this happens then the company or shop or any organization will grow day by day. 

    Usually three types of waste are seen in an organization or warehouse and company, which often go unnoticed. Let us look at the first three reasons. 

    Three Types of Waste in Warehouse or company

    1.People waste  2. Quality Waste 3.Quantity waste 

    People waste 

    People waste occurs mostly for three reasons 

    1. Over processing  2. Unnecessary Motion or movement 3. Waiting

    Over processing 

    Over processing : to do more than what is required. Once the inspection is checked, inspecting it for the second time or maintaining something once, then saying and keeping it a second time and keeping it for the third time is called useless. 

    Just like once cleaning was done then second time cleaning was done which was not required, yet we have done it. 

    Unnecessary Motion or movement

    Unnecessary Motion or movement - Any kind of Motion or Movement like you are moving things from here or moving a file or folder of a computer, moving it around it is called Motion. , We should not make a meaningful movement. We cannot stop it but it can be worked, with the help of kaizen 


    Waiting - Any type of Waiting that is there can be waste. If your shop is closed due to shopkeepers, or the machine is shut down due to malfunction, or the company is shut down due to lack of power, or because of lack of Internet, you are not able to email anyone from the computer. 

    Because of INTERNET, for any such reason you or your employees are sitting and doing WAIT is called WASTE. IDENTIFY all such WASTE and KAIZEN on it and improve it.

    Quality Waste 

    There are three types of quality waste 

    1. Inventory 2. Over Production 3. Transportation 


    Inventory Whatever kind of inventory, whether it is progressing or doing good work, every kind of inventory is a big waste. If a large number of inventory is being stored, then understand that your work is not doing well or has stopped.

     Over Production 

    Over Production - Over production is considered to be a huge waste, if you do a lot of production, it will cause a shortage of space, and this will generate a lot of problems like material not traceable etc.


    Transportation - Any company warehouse or company has transportation. If you make a material movement without any meaning then it is waste. Or if there is no VALUE ADD from any transportation, then we should immediately stop unnecessary transportation, otherwise it will be called Transport Waste.

    Quantity waste

    Quantity is from waste defects - if the rejection or rework in your warehouse or company is too much, then it is a huge waste, it can have many other reasons like: Man, Machine, Materials, Method, Measurement and Environment can be our defectives due to any of these reasons, we have to control them 

    If there is no control, then CUSTOMER will have the defective SUPPLY, and if returned and sent back, the COST will also increase, and CUSTOMER will also not receive SATISFACTIONS. 

    How to start KAIZEN? 

    KAIZEN) Kaizen has a (Meeting) meeting, which involves all department employees, and they are told about why we should do KAIZEN? What are the benefits of doing this? 

    Why should we do kaizen? 

    • Work in price to make a product of good and best quality.
    • To make good quality product according to customer's requirement.
    • Given the rising cost of raw materials and fuel.
    • To make excessive and good goods.

    How can we contribute to KAIZEN? 

    • Organization using the USE 5S system system in the workplace.
    • Giving small suggestions in the work place.
    • By discipline.
    • By simplifying your work.
    • By making the work that we do easier.
    • Continuous improvement in quality.

    Increased participation in the solution of the problem encountered during the work.


    Daily practice Continuous improvement, called KAIZEN, should be implemented not only in the Warehouse, Company or Organization, but also in your Life. Thank you. 

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