Warehouse Problem and solution

Warehouse Problem and solution 

Warehouse Problem and solution

Increasing Warehouse Productivity requires knowing the ''Pain Points or Problem'' within the 4 walls. If you Manage a Warehouse or Store, you will know that all the work areas of the Warehouse work like a chain, and all the workplaces does not work without each other, so everyone has to work together to create an efficient workplace.

But unfortunately there is a problem in some work place due to which the entire warehouse has to bear its pain.

Today we will talk about some of the major pain points in the warehouse and which almost every warehouse manager is facing as well as what you can do to fix or mitigate these problems.

We have also faced this problem. I believe that incremental changes over time can see good results, and you can gradually change your warehouse. 

Warehouse Problem and solution

1. Lack of inventory accuracy (Material not traceability)

Inventory loss means not getting material or goods in the warehouse. This is one of the heaviest problems of a warehouse and store. ,
Inventory loss whether it is in any way such as: material theft, material misalignment, material breakage, etc. can all damage your warehouse.

How does the inventory go bad:

  • There is no good check of quantity and quality upon arrival of materiel.
  • Don't put the right material in the right bin.
  • Not placing the material correctly.
  • Do not count on the day or weekly or monthly inventory.
  • Wrong material pick and pack, etc.


First of all, do not do much work manually in your warehouse or store, take the help of a software such as: WMS, ERP, MM, IM etc. According to your warehouse work efficiency, why doing manually is more wrong and also takes time , And much more, you can get through the software.

  • On maternal arrival one should check the quantity and quality thoroughly.
  • The correct material should be placed in the correct bin. Although WMS assigns each of your material to its location, the employees do not place it anywhere else, this is because they do not use the RFID and do not scan the bin So, we must use RFID when picking the material bin and
  • Train your employee to keep the material properly.
  • Doing a plan or weekly or monthly inventory is very important for a warehouse or store, so that you can equal the stock difference in time.
  • Use RFID Scanner while picking the material, this can help you in picking the wrong material.

Manually Entering Data

If you manage the warehouse manually then both your time and manpower will be wasting too much, it is a kind of waste.

You can reduce or eliminate this problem by providing digital technology.

Digital technology will not only reduce human error, but can also speed up your work, as you won't have to spend extra time writing things and recording it later.

In addition, there will be no delay between taking inventory and entering it into the system,
Manual material entry and creating documents or shipping labels and other documents can slow down your warehouse capacity, and also increase your costs.

2. Inefficient Picking (Speed of picking)

While carrying out orders, no one wants their workers to move around the warehouse. Meaning peaking work is the most important function of a warehouse, there is a lot of value of time, and here time can be lost a lot, here is a lot of time.

Such as: wrong layout or design of warehouse, manual preparation, lack of equipment, lack of proper planning, lack of experience etc.

If you do not plan ahead of time
, then peaking and efficiency will decrease. So let's know what can be done to increase its efficiency.


Picking strategies allow warehouses to better select products for the type and quantity of orders they process. Here are some examples of choosing a strategy:

  • Zone picking -Peaks are divided into zones wise in the warehouse, they are responsible for peaking the area in time.
If there are many items in a single order for several zones, then that order will go to different zones and peaking will be done by many pickers.

Zone picking
may require more points of contact for orders, but makes sense for a warehouse that is shipping multiple single unit orders.

  • Batch picking - Selects all orders for a batch at the same time. In this, the quantity of material of all the orders is picked together, and while packing it is distributed on the basis of customer, this is usually done when it is to be packed.
Batch picking reduces travel time within a warehouse, which is according to the supply chain.

3. Lack of Communication

Most management do not relay relevant information to their employees with each other.

Supervisors should take the lead on this as it is their job to ensure that operations are running smoothly or not, so every issue should be constantly sitting with staff and talking on problems, and helping to mitigate that.

The best way to know about this is to keep things positive all the time so that workers are more apt to get into management whenever something happens so that it can be fixed before something big happens.

4. (Disorganization) Process Standardization

Process standardization reduces the propensity for user errors in flows.To ensure that the employees are following the established procedure or not? 

Easy training, and management is very important for error correction. It also allows organizations to know how long it should take to complete certain tasks, and whether the warehouse is running at optimum efficiency.

Documentation of these standards is as important as having high turnover rates in your warehouses. Having the ability to train employees reduces the costs associated with hiring new people.

  • Improve labor productivity
  • Incentives
  • Sustainable improvement initiative
Increasing warehouse productivity requires knowing the pain points within 4 walls. A Labor Management System (LMS) is very important for you to track productivity at the employee level,
If you have a WMS or any other software,
you can either use KPI or find out how effective our warehouse SOP or manpower is for the warehouse.

The quality and availability of labor which is very important for a warehouse and its effect on our productivity.

If a warehouse has to continuously retain employees due to high turnover rates, they will have to spend more resources and money in training and are also likely to have higher error rates with new employees.

It may be worth it to motivate workers to live for an extended period so that this scenario can be avoided.

We would advise you to identify opportunities for improvement. Whether it is on the inbound side or the outbound side. We can suggest implementing better operational strategies through technology to create cost savings in the warehouse.

These enhancements combined with standardized processes can sort out the inefficiencies that are common in warehouses today.


If you try to make any kind of changes in your warehouse or store, then you will have trouble, such as: It may cost more, may take more manpower, may take some time,

But if you are changing with the plan, change for better results. You may see some problem right now, but it will get good results later.

Friends, these were some COMMEN problems of the warehouse, but if you are facing a problem whose solution you want, you can comment us or EMAIL. Thank you!

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