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Warehouse Safety procedure  

Warehousing has many functional activities that can pose a risk to both your health and safety. See, you cannot completely stop the risk, but you can definitely control it. If you fail to control, then you will assume that your Warehouse is not in your hand but in the hands of God. And apart from this, they will also face a lot of problems such as: Turnover work, injuries and illnesses, legal issues, and more. 

As a manager you are required privately and legally to implement and maintain the correct security procedures. You can protect workers and warehouse hazards with safety measures, and you must ensure that all work activities are carried out safely. 

You should also focus on promoting warehouse safety procedures. Maintaining good practices shows that you care for employees. And try to do something that is a source of inspiration. This will increase confidence in your leadership. 

Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless

Definition of Safety 

Safety is a measure, idea, method, arrangement, rule that protects against any kind of danger or accident such as: injury, damage during work.

For example, wearing a helmet while riding a bike, keep the speed limit in control on your side. It is safety-security i.e. we do any work that involves danger and risk such as getting hurt while walking, getting a finger cut while cutting vegetables, etc. All the measures we take to avoid accidents are called safety.

You don't need to know the whole alphabet of Safety

Vehicle & Lifting Equipment Safety

Given below are some common hazards of the warehouse that you should manage in your warehouse.
Lifting Equipment Safety '

Safety brings first aid to the uninjured

Whether your employees drive a forklift or drive a crane or hand trolley or truck, or any type of material handling equipment, it is very important to prevent all these safety effects and to avoid all kinds of hazards and injuries. It is very important for you to know that the danger from vehicles and equipment is about one fourth of all the hazards. This is unfortunate.

Vehicle & Lifting Equipment Safety Tips:

  • Only allow employees who have received training. Without training, no person should also drive a forklift.
  • Ensure that the operator follows all the process and maintain speed limits and equipment rule-regulation - you should be prompted to implement them. The speed limit of forklifts should not exceed 5mph.
  •  Give adequate training to your operator, do it weekly if possible. Always ask the driver or operator to drive and see that they are always aware of safety. If the driver is driving, then people standing back and forth can speak to move back. Drivers make sure no one is standing near them. 
  • Maximize visibility. Use a mirror set at every turn of the warehouse to keep an eye on the vehicle and the logo. Ensure that the floor of the warehouse is clean and not broken.
  • Always try to keep the corridors free from obstructions. Ensure that the employee is following housekeeping practices well.
  •  Arrange for regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles. If possible, keep trained personnel who supervise and supervise all these things.
  • Provide daily checklist to drivers. For example, warning lights, bad tires, defective seat belts, etc. on the dashboard. Which can check. We have listed this list, you download it.
  • You can use safety notices and you can also check them through the sign banner such as: Prompt them through the notice board like: See drivers pedestrians, wear seat belts, report to manager etc. Warning board should be given.

Pallet and Racking System Inspection 

Statistics show that most of the accidents in the warehouse have been caused by racking or pallets, so pay attention to it and take precautions.

Pallet and Racking System Safety Tips:

  • Provide good housekeeping training to your employees.
  • You must inspect the ranking system once a month from work. So that you will find flaws in ranking system like: nut bolt opening, rust, breakage, dust freezing etc. You keep cleaning it thoroughly and we are giving the form, keep an audit with it.
  • Make sure that the material is stored in the warehouse ranking system according to the weight scale. If you have a heavy duty rack, install a safety guard so that the forklift will not hit the beam.
  • The quality of the palette should be good and the size should also be correct, nowadays the palette of plastics is very much in practice, but you cannot repair it after breaking.
  • Ensure that employees take care of the height and weight capacity of the material while stacking the material. However if you have a WMS in your warehouse, it will not be required
  • Ask your employees to always use the ladder to get up or climb from the racking, do not take a short cut nor bend from the rack, nor walk on the palette. Some employees do not pay attention to it, and fall or drop some materials from the racking for hurry.
  • Make sure your employee does not use pallets or fork lifts to reach heights. If you have to do this, then use the safety belt.
  • You must provide (PPE) kit to all your staff. PPE helps prevent exposure to many hazards.

Material handling equipment Safety 

All the floor workers in the warehouse should be well aware of the equipment manual that they can use, otherwise there may be a risk at any time.

Materials handling equipment Safety Tips:

  • warehouse floor staff should know what is the weight limit of material handling equipment? And what is the proper handling and how to use it.
  • Avoid the need for manual handling if possible - use lift trucks, pallet trucks, trolleys, etc.

Fire Safety 


Most of the warehouse is very secluded where even a little air is used. After a fire at such a place, it spreads very quickly, and it becomes difficult to control it. Fire can damage the warehouse and people and your valuable resources. And we have seen many companies destroyed by fire, which have not yet recovered.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Make sure to test fire alarms weekly and ideally check smoke alarms on a monthly basis. Regularly check other equipment, such as sprinklers and sprinklers. If this is not the case, it is seen that when there is a fire, no alarm works. So it is very important.
  • Designate a safety officer in your warehouse. Those whose responsibilities will be to reduce any kind of accident in the workplace from fire and make plans for it.
  • The most important thing you should give to your employees is the practice of extinguishing the fire at least three to four times a year. And your warehouse must have an emergency gate and exit gate. Make sure you have installed emergency lighting. Fire escape routes, exits and signs need to be well lit so that people can see them from afar and navigate safely. And it should have indicator lights on.
  • Safely handle warehouse materials. And employees need to ensure that they handle hazardous materials well. Ensure that how to safely store chemicals in a warehouse works with the Proper guideline.
  • Check the firefighter's expiration date and get it refilled a month before the expiration date. If you have a fire hydrant in your warehouse, then check it once in a week.

Personal Protective Equipment 

There is a great need for personal protective equipment for your warehouse workers. Keep in mind that it is used properly, otherwise it will pose another risk.

Personal Protective Equipment Tips:

  • Ensure that your employees use helmets and the quality of the helmet should be good.
  • Safety shoes - Shoes with anti-slip soles prevent slip accidents, while steel capped shoes protect against impact and crush hazards.
  • Eye protection - Safety glasses and goggles prevent debris causing eye damage.

Covid-19 safety 

covid-19 Who does not know everyone is fighting this challenge. Nevertheless, we have to ensure that everyone should wear PPE kit and maintain distance and take care with Covid-19.


Training in health and safety is a must for any employee or worker. It is very important to explain to them how to work safely with warehouse equipment and how to maintain health and safety control measures. 

  • Workers should provide both practical and technical training as to how to do a job and what precautions to take if not done.
  • Health and safety training makes them aware of the various types of hazards in the workplace and how to minimize those hazards. This has to be kept in mind.
  • Health and safety information we all need. Security is also important for all of us.


We have talked about Warehouse safety Management in vehicle safety, Materials handling equipment, fire extinguisher and basic knowledge of safety in this blog, in this blog we could not take the entire topic of safety. In the next blog, we will definitely try for another blog


You can download and implement Warehouse safety checklist. If you have any question related to this topic or any suggestion, please comment- Thankyou

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist PDFDOWNLOAD

 Lifting Equipment Checklist PDFDOWNLOAD

 Pallet and racking inspection Checklist - DOWNLOAD

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