Warehouse Management System-WMS

Warehouse Management procedure

Warehouse Management system (WMS) is a software used in any Organizations to control, and well manage Warehouse Operations.

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Warehouse management systems are used in various types and implementation methods, and its type usually depends on the size of the organization and its work. Some WMS set-ups are designed specifically for the size of the Organization or Warehouse.

Typically, WMS in the organization is designed or configured for the needs of a particular business or warehouse; For example, the e-commerce business.

Warehouse management system benefits 

Although implementing and running WMS has to face a lot of problems and costs a lot of money, the organization also benefits from it. Implementing WMS greatly helps to reduce manpower costs in any organization, and improve Inventory Accuracy and improve accountability.

May also help improve customer service. Modern warehouse management systems work with real-time data, so that the organization gets first-hand information on activities such as orders, shipment, material receipts and any movement of goods to manage.

Features of warehouse management systems 

Warehouse design enables the Workflow of any Organizations to be customized.
WMS uses advanced tracking systems including Inventory tracking, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), and Automatic detection and data capture (AIDC) and Barcode scanner.

You can easily use all these in WMS if needed. IN WMS, you can do material picking according to zone, wave picking and batch picking. WMS workers can use pick-and-pack tasks in the most efficient way.
Helps to monitor the performance of Manpower management using WMS (KPI).

(WMS) manages Yard and Dock such as assisting truck drivers to find the right Loading unloading or dock or coming to the warehouse. WMS uses cross docking easily. WMS helps a lot in analyzing the performance of Reporting and Warehouse operations and improving the areas.

why warehouse management systems? 

In the early days of WMS, Warehouse was used to simplify the inventory management system and for storage location information and stock information. Nowadays, the functionality of WMS has increased a lot, such as:, handling capacity, equipment and Yard management etc.

WMS can reduce the possibility of errors that can occur when dispatching a material. The WMS system can help a company fulfill orders faster and quickly locate products ordered within the warehouse. WMS software can help achieve a paperless environment.

Receiving goods 

WMS provides a simple procedure that is followed when handling materials coming into the warehouse. The main function of the WMS is to ensure and minimize shipment losses and to control them properly.

Tracking inventory 

WMS enables warehouse owners to track all stock in the warehouse. This is very important because it ensures that the Warehouse Management team becomes able to know in seconds whether the warehouse has enough stock. It also saves space because it prevents overstocking in your warehouse.

Manpower visibility 

The WMS system eliminates the need for more manpower costs. Such as: Monthly or weekly or daily Inventory can eliminate count. Reducing manpower can obviously reduce expenses significantly and save you money.

Document preparation 

WMS automates most of the various processes, eliminating the need for paper documents, and data can be obtained quickly.

Picking and Shipping 

The WMS ensures that the right product works based on your business rules (LIFO- “Last-In, First-Out or FIFO- first-in, first-out).

A good WMS will ensure that the correct orders are sent to the right people at the right time. With this accuracy, to avoid mistakes arising while transporting freight, and eliminate the form of more efficient and less expensive transportation system.

MIS Report 

WMS systems have the ability to show data in very smart ways. The WMS system generates a very good report. It can be very well determined that what percentage of our warehouse is used? How many transactions is each employee doing per hour? And so on : 

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(WMS) warehouse management system, which was important for you to know. In future blogs we will understand Step by Step will understand. if you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, please comment and let us know.

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