Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM-Supply chain management is a system of organizations, people's activities, and information and resources that is involved in moving a product or service from Suppliers to Customers.

Supply chain activities include a Finished product or raw material that is delivered to the end customer.

supply chain management works relentlessly to secure its resources with the best value.

Successfully incorporating supply chain management leads to a new kind of competition in the global market, where competition is not taking place as a company-vs-company, but as a supply-chain-vs-supply-chain.

The primary purpose of supply chain management is to meet customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, including delivery capacity, inventories and labor.

 As a rule, a supply chain management matches demand with supply.

Supply chain management has to end the problem by collaborating with suppliers in various aspects; The strategy is to create a balance between lowest material cost and transportation.

Implementing just-in-time techniques to optimize manufacturing flow and maintain the right mix of Factories and Warehouses to serve Customer Customer is the job of supply chain management.

In the 1980s, the term supply chain management (SCM) was developed to integrate business processes through Main Suppliers to the end user.

The real idea behind SCM is that companies and companies should involve themselves in a supply chain by giving and taking information about the fluctuations and production capabilities of the corporate market.

why supply chain Management is important?

(SCM) Supply Chain Management works to advance the (SCM) supply chain profession by connecting the practitioner and educating the practitioner and developing the practitioner.

(SCM) Supply Chain Management is considered
an integral part of most businesses and is essential to the success of the company and customer satisfaction.

(SCM) Customers are confident and hopeful
that they will get the right product, right quality and quantity delivered.

(SCM) increases profit leverage - companies value supply chain managers because supply chains help control and reduce costs. This leads to a dramatic increase in the company's profits.

(SCM) Increases cash flow- (SCM) increases cash flow - as the firm or company value (Supply Chain Managers) supply chain managers do, as they speed up product flow to customers. For example, if a firm can create and deliver a product to a customer in 10 days instead of 70 days, it can invoice the customer 60 days in advance.

Small (SCM) supply chain management
also plays an important role in society. SCM also uses knowledge and capabilities to supply medical missions, and also to conduct disaster relief operations and handle other types of emergencies.

Whether dealing with day-to-day (product flow) or unforeseen natural disaster, it helps in diagnosing all these problems.

(SCM) Social Role 

(SCM) helps sustain human life - humans depend on supply chains to meet basic needs such as food and water.

(SCM) Improves Human Healthcare - Humans depend on supply chains to deliver medicines and healthcare. The supply chain also helps during a medical emergency - for example, medical rescue helicopters quickly deliver accident victims to hospitals for emergency medical treatment and provide the necessary medicines and equipment for treatment (SCM). is.

Supply chains design all supply chains in a society like supply chain professionals and manage Transport, Warehousing Warehousing, Inventory management Inventory Management, packaging Packaging and Logistics Information Logistics Information. Which creates a lot of employment in the supply chain sector.

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