Kaizen in Warehouse

Kaizen in Warehouse

KAIZEN in warehouse

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word consisting of two words. KAI + ZEN which means CHANGE + GOOD (Change for the Good) Any change that we can make to Improvement is called KAIZEN.

In this, we keep making small Improvement changes, which increases the production Productivity and reduces the Waste Hue. 

Every person at any Warehouse or any working place, whether it is a house-keeping cleaning man or a staff in the office, every person who is working, make small improvements every day or in the vicinity. It is called KAIZEN. 
If this happens then the company or shop or any organization will grow day by day. 

Usually three types of waste are seen in an organization or warehouse and company, which often go unnoticed. Let us look at the first three reasons. 

Three Types of Waste in Warehouse or company

1.People waste  2. Quality Waste 3.Quantity waste 

People waste 

People waste occurs mostly for three reasons 

1. Over processing  2. Unnecessary Motion or movement 3. Waiting

Over processing 

Over processing : to do more than what is required. Once the inspection is checked, inspecting it for the second time or maintaining something once, then saying and keeping it a second time and keeping it for the third time is called useless. 

Just like once cleaning was done then second time cleaning was done which was not required, yet we have done it. 

Unnecessary Motion or movement

Unnecessary Motion or movement - Any kind of Motion or Movement like you are moving things from here or moving a file or folder of a computer, moving it around it is called Motion. , We should not make a meaningful movement. We cannot stop it but it can be worked, with the help of kaizen 


Waiting - Any type of Waiting that is there can be waste. If your shop is closed due to shopkeepers, or the machine is shut down due to malfunction, or the company is shut down due to lack of power, or because of lack of Internet, you are not able to email anyone from the computer. 

Because of INTERNET, for any such reason you or your employees are sitting and doing WAIT is called WASTE. IDENTIFY all such WASTE and KAIZEN on it and improve it.

Quality Waste 

There are three types of quality waste 

1. Inventory 2. Over Production 3. Transportation 


Inventory Whatever kind of inventory, whether it is progressing or doing good work, every kind of inventory is a big waste. If a large number of inventory is being stored, then understand that your work is not doing well or has stopped.

 Over Production 

Over Production - Over production is considered to be a huge waste, if you do a lot of production, it will cause a shortage of space, and this will generate a lot of problems like material not traceable etc.


Transportation - Any company warehouse or company has transportation. If you make a material movement without any meaning then it is waste. Or if there is no VALUE ADD from any transportation, then we should immediately stop unnecessary transportation, otherwise it will be called Transport Waste.

Quantity waste

Quantity is from waste defects - if the rejection or rework in your warehouse or company is too much, then it is a huge waste, it can have many other reasons like: Man, Machine, Materials, Method, Measurement and Environment can be our defectives due to any of these reasons, we have to control them 

If there is no control, then CUSTOMER will have the defective SUPPLY, and if returned and sent back, the COST will also increase, and CUSTOMER will also not receive SATISFACTIONS. 

How to start KAIZEN? 

KAIZEN) Kaizen has a (Meeting) meeting, which involves all department employees, and they are told about why we should do KAIZEN? What are the benefits of doing this? 

Why should we do kaizen? 

  • Work in price to make a product of good and best quality.
  • To make good quality product according to customer's requirement.
  • Given the rising cost of raw materials and fuel.
  • To make excessive and good goods.

How can we contribute to KAIZEN? 

  • Organization using the USE 5S system system in the workplace.
  • Giving small suggestions in the work place.
  • By discipline.
  • By simplifying your work.
  • By making the work that we do easier.
  • Continuous improvement in quality.

Increased participation in the solution of the problem encountered during the work.


Daily practice Continuous improvement, called KAIZEN, should be implemented not only in the Warehouse, Company or Organization, but also in your Life. Thank you. 

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