Business model | Business Model concept

What is the business model? 

Business model | Business Model concept

A good business model is one that makes a business money, also called a ''recurring revenue model'', and provides its customers with products that exceed their money, and to make the customer happy.

How can you choose a best, scalable, sustainable and successful business model?

First of all, if you want to make business big, then you will not choose a business that is not scalable. If a business cannot be expanded and you don't see any possibility, so why start it? don't start.

First of all, if you want to make business big, then you will not choose a business that is not scalable. If a business cannot be expanded and you don't see any possibility, so why start it? don't start.

 Your goal should be on customer needs and value. 

Which problem of the client are you going to end, or are saving the customer's money, or thinking about the customer's time and health. 

If you care for value-added service for the service provider. If you keep all these things and choose a business model, then you will definitely be able to do business scalable.

Every successful business makes something valuable, the world is trying to improve the lives of others in some way, and today is still full of opportunities to improve. Your job as Businessman is to identify the things that people don't have enough, and then you have to find a way to create and deliver those things.

Whatever value you create can have many different forms, but the purpose of business remains only one, to improve the life of the customer. 

The world cannot run a business without creating value - you cannot and should not take value from others unless you have something valuable to give in return.

Are you going to give more than value for money to your customer? Then you're gonna do something big

When you will be able to do any business continuously only when the cash flow positive of your business,  if your cash flow is negative, then you can not survive , so choose the cash flow business model. 

We have seen many businesses in the village that have closed down due to negative cash flow.

You will create a business model that is passive. , For this you will need a few things:


The Best Team

Best Team: In this, you have to determine who is the person who is running or running your business or your business or you are the only one who drives

If yes, ask yourself if we have dedication allegiance to this business (knowledge), time, or symbol of business and if you have a team, does it have knowledge, time, dedication, loyalty, honesty, experience, this Knowing is more important. Large companies have to do this work through human resource management.

 Target customer

Target customers: This topic is also very important, here you have to have the intention to bring the customer or go to the customer and sell the product.

Are you a businessman who stays in your shop or office and reading the newspaper all day, then the business will not last long. 

Suppose you are a shopkeeper and customer are not coming in your then you have to do your advertisement despite sitting at your shop and watching TV. We have opened a Dixon in which this product is etc. and if we do not have enough customers to aim, we will not sit quietly.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy:
Marketing strategy is a matter of teaching. There are thousands of strategies of marketing strategy that people are using and it is being used very fast in big companies or businesses in which the most prevalent is one purchase one buy one free buy another get free

This kind of strategy that will be learned further in our vlog. The best strategy is that how you form and maintain a relationship with the customer depends on the experience of you and your team.

Business competitor

Business Competitors - Business Competitors: See where you are going to do business or if it is not your competitor, then it is very good and if it is then you will have to learn a lot from them like: which product is that, How is the call in money, etc., then you must know if you are determined to do business.


Any business model or any business strategy
in the world is based on three things: first, "the best product in the lowest amount" and second, "more customers", and third, "cash flow". 'If all three are included in your business model, then your business will be sustainable, you can make it scalable and successful big business.

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