What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF

September 28, 2020

What is 5s?

What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF

"5s''. Method is the name of 5 method which is based on Japanese words and all start with the letter" s ".5s helps us keep a workplace clean, and systematic and increases work efficiency at the Workplace, rather than spreading waste. And provides a structure approach to continue the improvements made.

5S is a strategy
that helps to accomplish one basic objective: to show problems. It is very important to have a clean and organized warehouse. 5s encourages more efficient supply storage operations, excellent training and communication.

The 5s method is of great help in quickly identifying problems in a warehouse and finding their root causes.

5s Methodology

5S describes how to identify the items used. The decision-making process is usually from a meeting about standardization, which creates an understanding, among employees, about how they should work. It is called "5s" based on five Japanese words starting with "5s", let's know the five "5s" involved in 5 steps.







Sort out the unnecessary items and the required items separately and then discard the unnecessary items.

How to do sorting?

Look around you. Are there things we need or not? Places nearby, furniture, equipment, documents or any other items. Disassemble or discard items that are not required. Such as broken tools or broken and rusty tools, etc.
Identify maintenance problems and work to address their causes. For example, find ways to remove dust and prevent or remove dirt.

Advantages of sorting

  • Disturbances go away
  • Makes more room
  • Problems related to maintenance can be over.

What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF


Apply in sequence. Set a location for each item and keep each item in its regular place.

How to Set in Order?

  • Make markings to identify the location and location of the item, such as by applying stickers or labels or by drawing lines.
  • Select the location of the item based on usage.
  • Manage appropriate storage according to the type of items (eg, you can use stand, rack, bins type of tray or tray for different items).
  • Decide to keep every item in the right quantity.
  • Always keep things back in their regular place.

Benefits or advantages of Set in Order.

  • Disturbances will not come
  • Work efficiency will increase (such as finding items quickly)
  • Safety items will avoid falling or sliding.
  • You will avoid the hassle of finding things.


Beautiful Cleanliness Do a complete cleaning to create a clean place.

How to do a beautiful cleaning?

Clean everything thoroughly. For this, take the following steps.

A. First step. Clean every AREA, machinery and furniture thoroughly.

B. Second step. Clean the stated equipment and AREA as per your responsibility.

C. step Three. Clean micro inside every small parts and tools and equipment

Inspect everything during cleaning and know the reasons for cleaning related errors. Eliminate errors and problems and improve your workplace. This is called KAIZEN.

Benefits of SHINE

  • Swatch Workplace is created.
  • Errors and Problem Expose occur
  • Erasing errors improves the workplace
What is 5s Methodology for warehouse | 5s Checklist PDF


Sanitation - Maintain high lining at all times.

How to standardize?

Set and maintain the 3 "S 'standard first (eg Criteria Program for SORTING, SHINE, STANDARDIZE arrangement).
Do vision and color management so that inequalities can be seen properly such as Transparent cover, inspection window color code etc.

Benefits of Standardize?

  • A good workplace will last forever.
  • Highlight inequalities quickly.
  • Workplace will remain pleasuring.


Also called SUSTAIN-Self-discipline. Follow the principles of good maintenance with continuous practice.

Sustain - How to.

  • Provide clear communication and training to the layperson.
  • Include each one. Assume clear responsibilities to everyone.
  • Eliminate group actions (such as 5s contests, matches and tournaments etc.
  • Follow rules and sports activities (such as cleaning week, 5 minute cleaning, cleaning game till 6 o'clock, etc.
  • And maintain the management of 5s by the monitoring team.

Sustain - Its Benefits.

  • The feeling of self-discipline for 5s.
  • Development of good habits.
  • Get the right results.


What do you think about the 5S method, we do not know. But they definitely know that this method is very useful whether it is for warehouse or for any organization or work place or even for home or shop. If you always use this method, then your business or workplace waste will be reduced and profit will be profit. Actually this method is very good and we try to use it always.

’’5S’’ Checklist PDF - DOWNLOAD

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Kaizen in Warehouse

September 27, 2020

Kaizen in Warehouse

KAIZEN in warehouse

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word consisting of two words. KAI + ZEN which means CHANGE + GOOD (Change for the Good) Any change that we can make to Improvement is called KAIZEN.

In this, we keep making small Improvement changes, which increases the production Productivity and reduces the Waste Hue. 

Every person at any Warehouse or any working place, whether it is a house-keeping cleaning man or a staff in the office, every person who is working, make small improvements every day or in the vicinity. It is called KAIZEN. 
If this happens then the company or shop or any organization will grow day by day. 

Usually three types of waste are seen in an organization or warehouse and company, which often go unnoticed. Let us look at the first three reasons. 

Three Types of Waste in Warehouse or company

1.People waste  2. Quality Waste 3.Quantity waste 

People waste 

People waste occurs mostly for three reasons 

1. Over processing  2. Unnecessary Motion or movement 3. Waiting

Over processing 

Over processing : to do more than what is required. Once the inspection is checked, inspecting it for the second time or maintaining something once, then saying and keeping it a second time and keeping it for the third time is called useless. 

Just like once cleaning was done then second time cleaning was done which was not required, yet we have done it. 

Unnecessary Motion or movement

Unnecessary Motion or movement - Any kind of Motion or Movement like you are moving things from here or moving a file or folder of a computer, moving it around it is called Motion. , We should not make a meaningful movement. We cannot stop it but it can be worked, with the help of kaizen 


Waiting - Any type of Waiting that is there can be waste. If your shop is closed due to shopkeepers, or the machine is shut down due to malfunction, or the company is shut down due to lack of power, or because of lack of Internet, you are not able to email anyone from the computer. 

Because of INTERNET, for any such reason you or your employees are sitting and doing WAIT is called WASTE. IDENTIFY all such WASTE and KAIZEN on it and improve it.

Quality Waste 

There are three types of quality waste 

1. Inventory 2. Over Production 3. Transportation 


Inventory Whatever kind of inventory, whether it is progressing or doing good work, every kind of inventory is a big waste. If a large number of inventory is being stored, then understand that your work is not doing well or has stopped.

 Over Production 

Over Production - Over production is considered to be a huge waste, if you do a lot of production, it will cause a shortage of space, and this will generate a lot of problems like material not traceable etc.


Transportation - Any company warehouse or company has transportation. If you make a material movement without any meaning then it is waste. Or if there is no VALUE ADD from any transportation, then we should immediately stop unnecessary transportation, otherwise it will be called Transport Waste.

Quantity waste

Quantity is from waste defects - if the rejection or rework in your warehouse or company is too much, then it is a huge waste, it can have many other reasons like: Man, Machine, Materials, Method, Measurement and Environment can be our defectives due to any of these reasons, we have to control them 

If there is no control, then CUSTOMER will have the defective SUPPLY, and if returned and sent back, the COST will also increase, and CUSTOMER will also not receive SATISFACTIONS. 

How to start KAIZEN? 

KAIZEN) Kaizen has a (Meeting) meeting, which involves all department employees, and they are told about why we should do KAIZEN? What are the benefits of doing this? 

Why should we do kaizen? 

  • Work in price to make a product of good and best quality.
  • To make good quality product according to customer's requirement.
  • Given the rising cost of raw materials and fuel.
  • To make excessive and good goods.

How can we contribute to KAIZEN? 

  • Organization using the USE 5S system system in the workplace.
  • Giving small suggestions in the work place.
  • By discipline.
  • By simplifying your work.
  • By making the work that we do easier.
  • Continuous improvement in quality.

Increased participation in the solution of the problem encountered during the work.


Daily practice Continuous improvement, called KAIZEN, should be implemented not only in the Warehouse, Company or Organization, but also in your Life. Thank you. 

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How to start Warehouse Business?

September 26, 2020

How to start Warehouse Business?

How to start Warehouse Business?

Do you want to start a warehouse business? Do you want to know about the warehouse business?
You can easily start a warehouse business. Friends, there are usually two types of warehouse owners. 
The first are those who have their own land and have built a warehouse for their own business or for rent, and the second are those who have built a warehouse by renting the land, building such a warehouse is usually a logistics Or does the company.

Dear friends, are you wondering how to start, or how to start a warehouse business? So let's know about it

You are among those who have a lot of ancestral land that is vacant and you have money to invest, and you are thinking of doing a warehouse business, then this business will be very profitable for you, and you (ROI) Return of investment will benefit more from this investment.
And if you are among those people who want to do warehouse business by taking land on rent, then its ROI Return of investment will be less because you will have to rent land also etc.

How to Start Warehouse Business? 

Warehouse Land

First of all, your land should be connected by road, and it is even better if it is around the city or connected to the city. 
You can measure your land, how much your land is, its length and width, then make a good layout. 

The warehouse has mostly 60 40 ratios, although 60 percent of the entire land is built in the warehouse itself, and 40 percent of the space is kept empty, so that when the material is brought to the warehouse, it can be parked or vehicles. . There will be no problem loading or loading the activity. 

Warehouse Layout

Environmental Health Safety has to be kept in mind while Layout Warehouse (EHS) 

There should be at least two gates in your warehouse, one Main Gate gate and the other Emergency gate A Driver room, a Security guard room and Toilet bathroom for both of them. And Staff must have toilet bathroom

If your Warehouse is more than 5000 sq ft, then you should also install fire hydrants so that the Warehouse gets safety. If possible, Warehouse layout should design such that vehicles can move around the warehouse if needed.

Warehouse construction Layout

Now suppose you have finished the layout of the land. Now you have to prepare the Warehouse construction layout. 

Now here people create a construction layout in two ways, first, a customer gives you an order that you give us a warehouse on our land, which we will design, that is, we build the warehouse on the customer's demand, it It is observed that most of the customer designs the layout of the warehouse according to their comfort and content and work flow. 

Such as: What should be the height of the warehouse, how much should be the DOCK, how much should be the height of the DOCK LABEL, how many gates should be in the warehouse, etc. 
On the other hand, if you do not have a customer order, but you want to build a warehouse and put it on rent, you will need to go to a construction engineer and create a standard warehouse construction layout. 

Now if you have built a warehouse construction layout, you need to find a fabricator or building builder who has a very good knowledge of building materials and construction and you have to be fully involved in it and see if the material Has been used. We are building our warehouse. 

To build a warehouse, many times people give it to a builder in a contract and they build a warehouse using all the bad materials. Be careful with this 

Warehouse advertise

Now when all these things are done. And when your warehouse starts to be built, then you should start advertising your warehouse so that the area around you will know that a warehouse is being built here. For this you can put a big banner banner around the warehouse. 

Now the most important thing is that people think, or say to us, that we can build a warehouse, but a customer will rent or not take our warehouse? Will we not lose our money? 

If your warehouse location is right, and the warehouse is constructed properly, people will definitely contact you for your warehouse. It may take some time, warehouse business is going very well in India or other countries. You should also find out in your area. 

And I believe, that you should not do a warehouse business without hesitation. See, nowadays all companies need a warehouse in every district or state. As soon as you start a warehouse activity, the companies will start contacting you themselves, otherwise you can contact the company yourself with the offer. 

And you can also take the help of a digital platform, or you can create your warehouse layout plan and send it to people like us, and we can connect your warehouse layout plan to companies. 

See, there is no reason to worry so much that a warehouse business is a good business, you can start. 
Friends, I aim to get as much information as possible and I will try to do it. 
If you want business information, you can email us and subscribe to us, so that if we provide any new information, you get it first. If you want a warehouse business idea, comment us.

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    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    September 25, 2020

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    SCM-Supply chain management is a system of organizations, people's activities, and information and resources that is involved in moving a product or service from Suppliers to Customers.

    Supply chain activities include a Finished product or raw material that is delivered to the end customer.

    supply chain management works relentlessly to secure its resources with the best value.

    Successfully incorporating supply chain management leads to a new kind of competition in the global market, where competition is not taking place as a company-vs-company, but as a supply-chain-vs-supply-chain.

    The primary purpose of supply chain management is to meet customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, including delivery capacity, inventories and labor.

     As a rule, a supply chain management matches demand with supply.

    Supply chain management has to end the problem by collaborating with suppliers in various aspects; The strategy is to create a balance between lowest material cost and transportation.

    Implementing just-in-time techniques to optimize manufacturing flow and maintain the right mix of Factories and Warehouses to serve Customer Customer is the job of supply chain management.

    In the 1980s, the term supply chain management (SCM) was developed to integrate business processes through Main Suppliers to the end user.

    The real idea behind SCM is that companies and companies should involve themselves in a supply chain by giving and taking information about the fluctuations and production capabilities of the corporate market.

    why supply chain Management is important?

    (SCM) Supply Chain Management works to advance the (SCM) supply chain profession by connecting the practitioner and educating the practitioner and developing the practitioner.

    (SCM) Supply Chain Management is considered
    an integral part of most businesses and is essential to the success of the company and customer satisfaction.

    (SCM) Customers are confident and hopeful
    that they will get the right product, right quality and quantity delivered.

    (SCM) increases profit leverage - companies value supply chain managers because supply chains help control and reduce costs. This leads to a dramatic increase in the company's profits.

    (SCM) Increases cash flow- (SCM) increases cash flow - as the firm or company value (Supply Chain Managers) supply chain managers do, as they speed up product flow to customers. For example, if a firm can create and deliver a product to a customer in 10 days instead of 70 days, it can invoice the customer 60 days in advance.

    Small (SCM) supply chain management
    also plays an important role in society. SCM also uses knowledge and capabilities to supply medical missions, and also to conduct disaster relief operations and handle other types of emergencies.

    Whether dealing with day-to-day (product flow) or unforeseen natural disaster, it helps in diagnosing all these problems.

    (SCM) Social Role 

    (SCM) helps sustain human life - humans depend on supply chains to meet basic needs such as food and water.

    (SCM) Improves Human Healthcare - Humans depend on supply chains to deliver medicines and healthcare. The supply chain also helps during a medical emergency - for example, medical rescue helicopters quickly deliver accident victims to hospitals for emergency medical treatment and provide the necessary medicines and equipment for treatment (SCM). is.

    Supply chains design all supply chains in a society like supply chain professionals and manage Transport, Warehousing Warehousing, Inventory management Inventory Management, packaging Packaging and Logistics Information Logistics Information. Which creates a lot of employment in the supply chain sector.

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    What is SAP and WMS?

    September 23, 2020

    What is SAP and WMS? 

    SAP- is an application to run or Manage any Organization, Company, Warehouse, Industry, Shop (SAP-ERP) system. Especially if you have to Manage a big Warehouse or Store. You will learn further why this is important.

    What is SAP?

    SAP- Systems Applications Products and Data Processing. SAP Software was founded in 1972 by Velanreuther, Hope, Hector, Plattner and Tsira. (ERP) and SAP are both one. As of 2010, SAP has more than 140,000 service centers worldwide, and over 25 industry-specific business solutions and over 75,000 customers in 120 countries.

    Although both the Course and Applications of (SAP) are very expensive but each one of us wants our Organization, Company, Warehouse, Industry, Shop to grow but they are reluctant to spend money on these things.

    It is a matter of surprise that why these things get cut off? Because it is an honest assistant of your industry, which works for you honestly. Let's know more about this.

    Benefits of SAP

    • SAP Software is a Centralized System.
    • This eliminates Duplicate, Dissatisfaction and Extra in Data.
    • Provides information about the department in real time.
    • The SAP system provides control over various business processes to various business processes.
    • Increases productivity and better manages Inventory.
    • Reduces material costs.
    • Effective human resource management reduces effective human resource management.
    • Overheads increase profits
    • Better Customer Interaction and Increased Throughput. It also improves customer service
    Therefore, a centralized enterprise management system -Centralized Enterprise Management System is required.

    SAP in WMS?

    SAP- provides flexible, automated support in processing all goods movements and managing stock in your warehouse premises. The system supports scheduled and efficient processing of all logistics processes within your warehouse.

    The WMS is fully integrated into the SAP environment. Business processes, which you trigger in other application components, lead to physical goods movements in your warehouse. You organize, control, and monitor these goods movements with the WMS.

    WMS allows you to map your entire warehouse complex in detail to storage bin level.

    Not only do you gain an overview of the entire quantity of a material in the warehouse; you can also always determine exactly where a certain material currently is in your warehouse complex.

    With the WMS you can optimize the use of all of your storage bins and warehouse movements, and store material stocks from several plants together in warehouses with random storage.

    You can manage your warehouse well by taking SAP Inventory Management and Material Management (MM-IM), which allows you to manage your goods location and stock quantity and prices.

    You map your entire storage facilities in the WMS. In doing so, you can set up various storage facilities such as automatic warehouse, high rack storage areas, bulk storage or fixed storage bins in various storage types, according to your needs.

    You manage material stocks at storage bin level. You can define these storage bins according to your own requirements.

    Every storage bin in your warehouse is mapped in the system. This lets you monitor all warehouse movements at all times. You can follow where a certain material is in your warehouse

    The WMS offers you an overview of all goods issues and warehouse stocks. The system supports you in planning, monitoring, and optimizing work processes.

    For example, it gives you a foresighted view of the workload in the coming days or allows you to intervene in good time during critical warehouse processes, so that you can execute warehouse movements on time.

    Via the RF monitor, you get an up-to-date picture of all of the activities in the warehouse, which means that you can control the actual work in the warehouse using the RF monitor.


    The purpose of this topic was that you, what is the role of SAP in WMS. They can understand and take advantage of it.

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